the program

Improving the way you feel

who is it for?

BRAVE was developed for children and teenagers who experience Separation Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, Specific Phobia, and Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

It can help with social worries, anxiety about separating from loved ones, fears of specific objects or situations (e.g. dogs, needles, storms, darkness), worries about friendships, school performance or other every day worries.

how it works

The BRAVE Program will help you (and your parent or carer) identify, understand, and change your worried thoughts and behaviour patterns, so you can improve the way you feel.

Designed by young people for young people, and built by world-class scientists, the BRAVE Program is a 10 session digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) program designed to be completed over 10 weeks.

Each session takes between 20 to 60 minutes to complete, with interactive activities to guide your progress, helping you to develop the skills to turn your troubles into triumphs. We start things off in Session 1 by getting to know you and talking about how our feelings can influence our body language.

Backed by research, our clinical evidence demonstrates that:

  • Young people who complete 3 or more sessions of BRAVE® show significant reductions in anxiety.
  • 70% of clinically anxious young people who start BRAVE are no longer clinically anxious when they complete the full program.
  • Regardless of how many sessions completed, young people show significant anxiety reduction after using the BRAVE program.

The experts behind BRAVE

BRAVE was developed at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia by a team of experts in child and adolescent mental health. The Program’s commercial translation from research to scalable clinical use is managed by UniQuest Pty Limited.

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