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Video resources to help children and teenagers cope with stress in the time of COVID-19
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We’ve created a series of videos to teach children and teenagers the skills to reduce stress and worry about life during COVID-19. Click on the link to access the special COVID-19 video or visit our YouTube channel to view the … Read More

Beating stress and worries about coronavirus (COVID-19)
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There are a lot of negative and stressful events occurring in our world every day – but when something like coronavirus (COVID-19) becomes so pervasive that it affects almost every country in the world, and is talked about almost every … Read More

Brave for Young Children (Parent Program)
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The Brave Team have recently introduced a new program designed to help young children aged 3 – 7 years who are experiencing anxiety or who are showing early signs of becoming anxious. The program is completed by the parents, who … Read More

Support your friends and family struggling with anxiety
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  80% of children and teenagers who have anxiety don’t have any one helping them deal with their fears, stress, shyness. Support your friends, siblings, daughter, son struggling with anxiety. Because they are BRAVE. Visit our Facebook Page and share this image:   … Read More

Sophie and her mum talk about completing the BRAVE Program for social anxiety
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  Sophie and her mum Veronica have had great success using the BRAVE Self-Help Program, the online program to help overcome social anxiety. Social anxiety affects up to 10% of children and teenagers. They experience fear, nervousness and shyness, start … Read More

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