What kids say about the Program

  • “I liked that basically no one knew about me doing it”
  • “I liked the way it taught me the skills to overcome my fears”
  • “I liked the bright colours, pictures and sounds”
  • “It was easy to understand”
  • “I liked the stories about other kids having a similar problem to me and solving them”
  • “It helped me to get to sleep easier”


What parents say about the Program

  • “The format is really easy to understand”
  • “User friendly!”
  • “It was good for my son to know that he wasn’t the only child feeling anxious”
  • “Great practical solutions”
  • “The simple way it could be accessed in our own time over the internet”
  • “The program gave me lots of strategies to help my daughter!”
  • “We liked that we could do it together and that the material is always there”
  • “I just thought I would mention that the other day Sally said to me have I nearly finished the Brave program?  When I told her yes, she genuinely seemed upset and said it was a shame because she really felt it was helping.  She has never said anything like that to me before! It has been a great experience”
  • “She is much more confident! She is responding to adults and talking to other children so there is definitely a marked improvement in her behaviour and also anxiety levels”
  • “Thanks so much for your help and support with James. He’s made huge improvements and I think he is progressing well”
  • “The downloadable relaxation has been terrific. Adam enjoys these and we attempt to do it every second afternoon!”