Sophie and her mum talk about completing the BRAVE Program for social anxiety

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Sophie and her mum Veronica have had great success using the BRAVE Self-Help Program, the online program to help overcome social anxiety. Social anxiety affects up to 10% of children and teenagers. They experience fear, nervousness and shyness, start to avoid places and activities and stop doing the things they love to do. One solution is to attend cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Many families are not able to attend CBT sessions for various reasons. Sadly, 80% of children and teenagers with anxiety do not get any help.


Sophie and her mum completed the BRAVE Self-Help Program. The Self-Help Program is BRAVE’s little sister. The Self-Help Program is a free, interactive online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program for the prevention and treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety.


The BRAVE Program is therefore ideal for the whole family. While the child completes the weekly sessions in their own time, parents can also complete a complementary program to better understand what his/her child is going through and how they can help too. The family can complete the online CBT program in the comfort of your own home (and very often of your own cozy bed!).
For those of you who are still a bit unsure about the benefits of online CBT, make sure you read about the significant reduction in anxiety thanks to BRAVE as well as the amazing results from our years of studying the positive impact of online therapy for children and teenagers anxiety.


For 11-year-old Sophie, the BRAVE Program has helped “transform the classroom from a stressful environment to a pleasant one”. As her mum puts it:


“It was the first time ever we had words to explain what was going on. She still has her moments, but there have been some breakthroughs. She has talked openly in front of people without realising it. She’s now very social, and has lots of friends at school.”


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Unlike its big sister BRAVE, there is no therapist on the other side of your computer or tablet screen monitoring, helping and consulting the family when completing the Self-Help Program. Nonetheless, the Self-Help Program has been a highly successful evidence- and clinic-based cognitive-behavioral treatment. Most importantly, it is helping those 80% of children and teenagers who are struggling, alone. Whenever and wherever they can access the interactive, animated and research-based CBT program. Many children, teenagers and parents have written to us to share their success stories.


In response to the demand from families who could not access traditional, face-to-face psychological services, a therapist assisted BRAVE Program is now available. A therapist sits on the other side of the screen and assists the family when needed. The BRAVE Program brings online CBT to a whole new level with professionals helping children and teenagers becoming BRAVEr.


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