BRAVE is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) designed for children and teenagers. It includes 10 sessions in which young people learn the skills to overcome fearful or worrying situations.

Each session is presented in an interesting and interactive way. The information and skills are learned through animations, quizzes, puzzles and interactive games that are designed to keep young people interested and engaged with the sessions.

Young people learn how to identify anxiety and stress, to develop relaxations skills, how to replace negative thinking with more positive, useful thinking, and problem solving skills. Each young person develops their own fear ladder to assist them to gradually face their fears once they have developed their coping skills.

There are separate sessions for children and for teenagers so that the examples and content are appropriate for these different age groups. We took care to make sure that the material is also suitable for young people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

The program includes ten, 60-minute online sessions that are usually completed over 10 weeks. A further two sessions are offered 1 month and 3 months after completing the program as a refresher.

The sessions are not just for young people. Parents have an important role to play in helping young people to overcome their fears and worries. There are five or six, 60-minute online sessions for parents, followed by two online refresher sessions. The most recent addition is a program for the parents of anxious young children. This includes 4 sessions completed by the parents.


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