We have now completed four separate research studies examining the efficacy of the BRAVE-ONLINE Program for children and adolescents, among other publications.

Please see below for summaries of these studies.


Study 1: Clinic-based therapy versus partial internet therapy

Spence, S. H., Holmes, J. M., March, S., & Lipp, O. V. (2006). The Feasibility and Outcome of Clinic Plus Internet Delivery of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Childhood Anxiety.  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology , 74(3), 614-621.

In our first study, we compared a combined clinic and internet-based CBT program to the same program delivered entirely in the clinic. We found that children (aged between 7 and 14 years) receiving both the standard clinic treatment and the combined clinic-internet treatment improved significantly following treatment and were more likely to be gree of their anxiety diagnoses, compared to children not receiving the treatment program. Improvements were maintained at 12-month follow-up for both therapy conditions, with no significant differences in outcomes between the clinic and internet programs.

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Study 2: The efficacy of a CBT intervention for child anxiety delivered entirely via the internet

March, S., Spence, S.H., & Donovan, C.L. (2009). The Efficacy of an Internet-based CBT Intervention for Child Anxiety Disorders. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 34(5):474-487.

Our second study evaluated a version of the BRAVE Program delivered entirely via the internet. Following treatment, children receiving BRAVE-ONLINE showed greater improvements in symptoms of anxiety than those not receiving the intervention. By 6 months following the completion of therapy, 75% of children receiving BRAVE-ONLINE were free of their primary anxiety diagnosis and also showed significant improvements in anxiety symptoms, severity and overall functioning.

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Study 3: A comparison of an online and clinic-based CBT program for adolescents with anxiety disorders

Spence, S. H., Donovan, C. L., March, S. Gamble, A., Anderson, R. E., Prosser, S., & Kenardy, J. (2011). A randomized controlled trial of online versus clinic-based CBT for adolescent anxiety. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 79, 6290.

Our third study involved the development of a full internet intervention for adolescents (aged 12-17 years). In this study, we found that adolescents receiving BRAVE-ONLINE demonstrated similar improvements in anxiety symptoms and loss of diagnosis compared to adolescents receiving individual, face-to-face therapy, with almost 80% being free of their primary anxiety problem 12-months following the completion of the program.

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Study 4: A parent-only, internet-based intervention for preschool anxiety

Donovan, C. L., & March, S. (2014). Online CBT for preschool anxiety disorder. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 58: 24-35

This study investigated the use of BRAVE-ONLINE as a  therapist assisted program for parents of preschoolers (aged 3-6 years) with anxiety disorders. Children whose parents completed the program showed  significant improvements in anxiety symptoms and overall functioning, as well as a reduction in symptom severity compared to children whose parents did not complete the program. Over 70% of children  whose parents completed BRAVE were free of their anxiety problem 6-months after completing the program.

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